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Your skin is a barometer of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions from acne to signs of aging are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional, physical, and spiritual ones. Inner health has the power to affect your outer beauty by improving the health of your skin, transforming the shape and movement of your body, and allowing you to radiate your youthful energy. 

Lipo B



Lipo B injections are composed of vitamin B­12 , minerals, and amino acids. Together these natural ingredients will speed up your slowing metabolism, help your liver to decrease unwanted fat deposits to your body, boost energy levels, and decrease your water weight bloat!


A Vitamin B6 Booster can be added to your Lipo B shot and will provide an extra energy boost helping to increase activity levels even more!


A Vitamin B­12 injection will give a big boost to your energy level, support your immune system, and play a vital role in the health of your nervous system. 

Lipo B-12

Single injection

Package of 6

Vitamin Injection

B-12 Injection

B-6 Booster





Wellness Coaching

Face Forward now provides wellness coaching by:


Functional Nutrition is a nutrition-based approach that is focused on rebuilding your health by restoring the proper functions of the body through an understanding of the “whole” person. Learn to uncover what your body does with the foods and nutrients you eat in relationship to your lifestyle and environmental factors. As a functional nutrition coach, my approach forms a partnership that is supportive, educational, and collaborative moving towards a stronger and healthier you. 


Whether you are challenged with brain fog, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, inability to lose weight, digestive issues, or looking for ways to “up your food game,” this journey will change the way you look at food forever. As a functional nutrition coach, I have a belief: “When things are running great on the inside, it shows on the outside.” 


Join me..  Let’s start our wellness journey together.

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Insurance Accepted

60 minute session                       $125

30 minute session                       $75


Pantry Assessment is a service offered by Robin, our functional nutrition coach. Together, Robin will walk through your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator educating you on hidden sugars, chemicals and other ingredients that can cause a negative effect on your health. Robin will show you healthier alternatives and suggest new options based on your food preferences. 

In addition, her Grocery Store Tour will explore and expose you to new foods, tips on how to shop for healthier snack alternatives aka “food swaps” and must have organic items. This is a personalized, custom tour based off of your needs and lifestyle. Make it fun for the whole family, bring the kids along too. It’s never too early to learn how to navigate labels and understand what foods fuel the body. 

Pantry Assessment and Grocery Store Tour

Insurance Not Accepted

$150 an hour

Please contact office to schedule an appointment.