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November News

Our “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” 80’s Party was a huge success, like... “to the max”!!! It was “totally awesome” to see so many Ladies (Dudettes) having fun while enjoying all of the youthful festivities. From the bottom of my heart... thank you so very much for your gracious support, devoted loyalty and entrusted relationship. The Ladies of Face Forward simply would not be without each and every one of you beautiful and amazing friends. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, full of colorful leaves, oversized sweaters and cups of warm apple cider. Right now it is also the perfect time to think about getting rid of the fat beneath your chin... FOREVER! Kybella will have you Face Forward beautifully with no double chin for the holidays! After all, your Thanksgiving turkey should be the only one with a gobble for the holiday.

- Dr. Roma

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